Wedding Veil Care, Preservation, & Storage

Pre-wedding: veil care and storage

Hang up your veil after you receive it to naturally loosen wrinkles. After a few days, gently steam out any remaining folds. Don't use hot tools, irons, or direct heat of any kind on your veil. The fabric is delicate and can become discolored or damaged under high heat.

For stubborn wrinkles, use a garment steamer or the steam from your iron (without touching the metal plate to the fabric). Another easy way to steam your veil is to hang it in the bathroom during long, hot showers. The steam from the hot water will loosen the veil folds over time. 


  • Store your veil in a cool, dry place and out of sunlight to avoid discoloration.


Wedding day: veil transport

Transport your veil on a hanger and in a garment bag - or with some kind of plastic covering - to shield it from anything that could snag or tear it. Transporting it in the same bag as your dress is fine as long as they are separated by something to prevent rubbing and snagging.

Hang it free of any wrapping once you arrive at your venue or destination. Sometimes, hair and makeup will happen at a different location than the ceremony or reception; we recommend waiting to place your veil until it's time for photographs or the ceremony to avoid catching, snagging, tearing, or staining. Have your stylist show a bridesmaid or your mother how to place the veil if they won't be onsite to help. 


  • Veils are stunningly photogenic - but they can also be prone to damage during outdoor photos. Just remember - snag happens - so don't stress it. Depending on the fabric, you can gently pull the snagged strand back into place. Just know, any small damage on the day of your wedding will be worth it for the "oohs" and "ahhs" from your guests and the gorgeous photos you'll get (which we promise, you won't be able to detect the tear in). 


Post-wedding: veil preservation and storage

Start your dress and veil preservation as soon as possible, with a trip to the dry cleaners. Dress and veil fabric can discolor and weaken over time, and stains not visible to your eye now can be stark yellow a year later. You can find expert cleaning and preservation businesses online that you can ship your garments to - or you might have local businesses nearby that are qualified.  Do an internet search for “wedding dress preservation” to find one that you trust. Make sure your gown ends up in an “archival safe, acid-free and lignin-free” box or 100% cotton bag and store it in a climate-controlled space like a closet or under the bed - no attics or garages.


  • Don't just store your veil and dress in any old box or bag. Regular paper, cardboard, and tissue are made from wood pulp which contains acid and lignin. Overtime, these things give off gases which can contribute to discoloration and fabric break down. Make sure everything you’re using to preserve your garments is 100% acid free.

  • Avoid storing in plastic containers, these trap moisture which can result in mold and mildew over time.


  • Hanging your professionally cleaned veil and gown in a 100% cotton bag avoids the most common preservation issues like permanent creasing, mold and mildew damage, and discoloration from acids and lignin.

  • If storing in a box, use acid-free tissue inside folds to soften creases. This helps avoid permanent damage from fibers weakening at the fold.

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