4 Places to put your wedding hashtag so guests actually use it

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So you did it. You thought up a totally clever, never-been-used hashtag for your wedding day. Congratulations! :slow hand clap: Now, you're wondering: Where do I put it so people will see it? No worries, we made a short list to help you get it in front of as many guest as possible to increase the chances of them actually using it when the time comes.


Where to put your wedding hashtag:

Hashtag on wedding website.jpg

1. Wedding website:

This is the most obvious place to put your wedding hashtag, but don't bury it in the footer. Prominently display your hashtag on the home page so your guests become familiar with it the moment they visit your site.

πŸ“·: @mikenzieryan

πŸ“·: @mikenzieryan

2. Wedding stationary:

Some pieces are more appropriate than others. We recommend:

  • Save-the-date: It's perfectly casual enough to first introduce your new hashtag

  • The RSVP envelope: This is another good spot to discreetly share your hashtag with guests; Print it on the back where the envelope seals, you can probably do this with your printer at home for free

πŸ“·: @mikenzieryan

πŸ“·: @mikenzieryan

3. Wedding signage:

  • The classic wedding hashtag sign: This is the one that gets the most posts, because it’s a cute sign with the actual hashtag on it that people can pose and post with

  • Menu: If you're having a plated dinner, you can tastefully include the hashtag at the bottom of the menu

  • Back of table cards: Just one more chance for guests to see the hashtag and remember it's a thing they can do/use

πŸ“·: @mikenzieryan

πŸ“·: @mikenzieryan

4. Dance floor:

You read that right. With customizable large-print options like Fatheads, you can create a huge sign of your wedding hashtag and display it in a place where no one will miss it. Putting it on the dance floor gives your guests another chance to see it and remember to use it.

*Definitely check with your venue before committing to this option… they’ll want to be aware that you might stick a giant sign to their floor.


The big takeaway:

The more you put your hashtag in front of your guests, the more they'll use it. The candid shots of all the moments you aren't around for will be some your favorite. Don't miss out because your guests couldn't remember to use your hashtag...


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