Where to get the perfect custom #weddinghashtag

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Great news! It turns out you don't have to be super creative to come up with a clever wedding hashtag for your big day. There are online generators - or even entire creative teams of people - that can make a custom hashtag just for you. This means: your chance of finding a unique hashtag that’s never been used before is much higher.

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A hashtag sorts your photos into a unique and easily searchable collection on social media. This means you can quickly find, like, and share all the photos that use your tag. An ideal hashtag has never been used before so you’re not sharing the collection with a stranger. But thinking up unique hashtags can be hard. So, here are 5 places that'll do it for you.

5 websites to get your hashtag:

Petal & Veil Human Hashtag Generator: 100% free wedding hashtag creation service. Takes less than a minute to submit 8 inputs and you'll get 5 hashtags within 24hrs from our wittiest team members.

Wedding Hashers: The original option for human generated hashtags. Submit just 4 details and you get 5 “punny,” custom hashtags from a team of creative professionals in 48hrs. Tons of satisfied customer testimonials (and the chance for more options if you don’t like the original 5) help justify the $19.99 cost.

Shutterfly: Automatically generates hashtag ideas on the spot from 8 input fields. This site even includes a “hashtag checker” to see if your tag already exists on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

eWedding: This free generator offers “basic” (4 field) and “more unique” (12 field) options so you can explore even more potential tags. Results generate right away.

Wedding Hashtag Wall: Free and simple to use, automatically generates dozens of hashtags from just 5 input fields.

Try them all and pick your favorite! #happyhashing


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