What's the difference between Ivory and White?

Time to read: 1 min

Is color matching your accessories to your dress completely necessary? We leave that decision up to you.

This short post highlights the difference between two of the wedding industry's most popular color families: Ivory and White. Because, if you do want to select accessories that match as closely as possible, you first have to identify the color family of your dress.



White is the lightest color on the spectrum and is void of hue or shades of gray. 

As a fabric, true white dresses are often described as "bright" and can be very stark against all skin tones. 


Ivory is a warmer shade of white with hues of yellow. 

Ivory is more common than white as a wedding dress color and offers a softer, more flattering shade for brides of all skin tones. Due to the popularity of the color in today's wedding industry, most ivory wedding dresses are mistakenly characterized as "white," because brides don't realize how few white dresses are actually on the market. 


Now that you understand the difference between white and ivory, learn how to identify what color family your dress falls into here. 


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