What is an illusion wedding veil comb?

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Whether you realize it or not, a wedding veil's comb style plays a big part in how that veil looks when styled. At Petal & Veil, we favor simple 10 and 20 tooth, tarnish resistant rhodium plated combs. We attach the veils to our combs in two distinct ways: drop and illusion. 


Petal & Veil drop comb

Our drop combs use super discreet, clear thread to attach the comb directly to the veil. These are only used on veils with blushers. When styled, you see only the slender 1.5 inch (10 tooth) or 3 inch (20 tooth) spine of the comb. Upon request, we wrap the spine in a soft, hair shade color of yarn making the comb virtually unnoticeable.

This comb style is used on our Charlotte fingertip and Jacqueline cathedral length veils.


Petal & Veil's signature illusion comb

Our illusion combs are used on gathered veils. The spine of these combs are wrapped in the same color tulle as the veil itself, and when styled, is 100% invisible. This presents a super clean look that doesn't compete with your hair style, accessories, or dress.

This comb style is used on our Amelia blusher, Caroline fingertip veil, Louise ballet veil, and Sophia chapel veil.


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