Classic wedding veil lengths and styles

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📷 Mikenzie Ryan, France Photographers Austin


The wedding veil is arguably the most bridal of all accessories... with the exception of the engagement ring… But, while the ring is worn for a lifetime, the veil is a show-stopping, one night affair. Before you start searching for that love affair, there’s a few things to think about:


1. First thing’s first: Get the dress.

The style, length, and color of the dress will influence the style, length, and color of the veil and most veil salons have a no-return policy.

2. Don’t buy the first one you try.

For the full bridal experience, we 100% recommend trying on veils while dress shopping - but wait to buy. You can probably find that same veil style online at a better price and higher quality than at large retailers, like David’s Bridal. 

3. What are the different kinds of wedding veils?

It helps to know a bit before you go shopping so you can be knowledgeable when you speak to a bridal salon stylist. Once you know all about the different types of veils, pick a style and length that best compliments your dress and personal taste.


Click through our visual veil guide below for a short intro to 12 of the most classic bridal veil styles.

(For best experience with the visual guide, view on tablet or desktop. Scroll down for mobile viewing.)


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Short wedding veil styles


Pouf and Birdcage: 9-12 inches

Stylishly short, the Pouf is often paired with a blusher or birdcage and adds volume and drama (the good kind). The Birdcage is edgy and sophisticated. The short length of these veils means they stay put where you place them.

Warning: These looks might require you to plan your hairstyle around the veil. Keep that in mind as you trial hairstyles for the big day.

Short Blusher: 12-15 inches

The Short Blusher is a glamorous accessory that offers a traditional vibe for the modern bride.

Flyaway Veil: 20-22 inches

As the name implies, this veil is altogether airy. It’s a light accessory that adds volume without the distraction of length.

Warning: This veil can get a bit slap-happy in the wind because if its short length.  


Medium length wedding veil styles


Elbow Veil: 32 inches

This is a simple veil style that photographs well and doesn’t compete with the details of the dress. As the name implies, it ends at the elbow.

Fingertip Veil: 38-40 inches

This fingertip length veil is great for two reasons: One, it stays out of the way on the dance floor, and two, it perfectly frames dresses with back detail.

Traditional Blusher: 30 inches

This traditional style offers an intimate moment when the groom pulls back the veil to see the bride’s face for the first time.

Veil with Blusher: Blusher, 30+ inches; veil length varies

This is a modern take on the traditional blusher, pairing it with a veil of equal or greater length in the back. This creates a voluminous, tiered look when the blusher is pulled back over the head.


Long wedding veil styles


Ballet Veil: 55-65 inches

Also known as a Waltz veil, this one hits anywhere between the knee and ankle. From ceremony to reception, this style is sophisticated and stays out from underfoot; perfect for all-day wear.

Floor Length Veil: 72 inches

Typically the same length as the bride’s dress, the flowing length feels bridal without being a tripping hazard.

Chapel Veil: 90 inches

This veil style is as lovely as it is long, creating a full, billowy effect near the feet that brings a ball gown feel to those clinging dress silhouettes.

Cathedral Veil: 108-120 inches

This classic veil creates a sweeping train for the walk down the aisle and photography. It can be customized to match dress trains of any length. Or, pair it with a dress that doesn’t have a train for the best of both worlds.

Monarch Veil: 130+ inches

For the true princess brides out there, nothing short of a Monarch veil will do. The longest of the veils, the Monarch makes for amazing photos and a breathtaking walk down the aisle.

Warning: This comes with some weight and drag, so have your hairstylist on hand to help place, touchup, and remove it.



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