3 Tips for color matching your wedding dress and veil using fabric samples

Time to read: 5 min

With so many designer hues of white, ivory, blush, nude, and more out there... color matching your veil with your wedding dress can be tough. Plus, designer color names can be tricky because one designer's "champagne" might not be the same as another's. But great news, as it turns out exact matching isn't necessary. 

It’s about finding the right color family for your veil and dress. This means, your veil can be shearer and a shade lighter or darker than your dress. For example, we offer four different colors of tulle - each selected to compliment the most popular wedding dress colors in use today.

Read on for 3 color matching tips to help you select the right veil color for your dress. 


Fabric color matching tips:

  1. The easiest way to make sure your dress and veil colors match, is to order fabric samples from your veil designer.

  2. Once you have your fabric samples, hold the folded fabric squares up to your dress to see what family it falls into. This should be fairly obvious to the eye due to the saturated color of the folded squares. You might notice that more than one color compliments your wedding dress - this is great! It means you have options. 

  3. Once you determine which veil color family your dress matches, unfold the fabric sample to see the true color of the tulle - it will be much lighter and shearer than the folded square. 


Order fabric samples before you go dress shopping and take them with you. If you say "yes" to the dress, you can color match your veil on the spot. Boutiques often offer limited styles of veils in the store, and they too have to get online to place your order. So why limit yourself to the styles, colors, and prices of the store? Etsy and other online boutiques (like Petal & Veil) offer great quality for uncompromising brides looking for special styles, colors, and pricing.


Already have a set of our veil fabric samples? 

We recommend pairing our Soft White with cooler, bright white dresses and Ivory with warmer whites (Ivory hues are the most popular wedding dress colors used by designers). Blush pairs with pink dresses of all shades and Gray Dawn with cooler, gray dresses (both are trending this season). Our Off White English net pairs well with White, Ivory, and cooler toned dresses because of the fabric texture and density, making it an all around gorgeous option.

Still have questions about color matching? Ask us anything in the comments below!