Don't make these 5 wedding hashtag mistakes

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Wedding hashtags. Every engaged couple has one it seems, so shouldn't you? If you're considering creating one for your big day - here's five common #weddinghashtag mistakes to avoid.


5 Wedding hashtag mistakes to avoid:

1. Too long

Hashtags that are too long are difficult to read, which makes them difficult to use. Not to mention, it's tough to type out a 28 letter #hashtag on social media with two glasses of wine in your hands (because who can decide between red or white when it's an open bar?).

PROTIP:  Keep your hashtags between 3-4 words (15-20 characters) if possible. This makes them easier to remember, and on platforms with character limits, it leaves more room for those priceless captions your best man loves to dream up.

2. Already taken

A hashtag sorts your photos into a unique and easily searchable collection. Using a hashtag that's already taken means you'll have to share that collection space with a stranger, cluttering up your album.

PROTIP: Check to see if your hashtag is already in use here.

3. More than one

The point of a hashtag is to create a single collection of photos taken by yourself, guests, and other users (who ideally, you know...). Creating more than one hashtag reduces the chances of your guests remembering and using each one, and it also creates multiple repositories... which is kind of against the point.

PROTIP: If you want to use multiple hashtags, consider creating unique hashtags for the different wedding events and parties leading up to the big day, rather than multiple to use at the same event.

4. Lowercase

Capitalization doesn't matter to the search engines reading your hashtag. Make it easy for humans to read by using capitals for each word in the tag. Screw grammar and capitalize short words like "and," "the," "of," and "to" for clarity. Example: #CakeForTheWin

PROTIP: While it's unlikely your guests will use capitalization when they use your hashtag, they’ll remember it better if it's easier to read in the first place. So use capitals when initially sharing or putting your hashtag on things. Learn more about the places to put your wedding hashtag here

5. Uses trendy terms

Trendy terms like BAE and YOLO are super cute. Now. But over time, a trending term could take on a connotation you're not cool with... or just fall off the face of the internet. Avoid trendy terms if you want a hashtag that's timeless. #classic

PROTIP:  You can curate your hashtag long after the wedding celebrations end. When picking a hashtag, select something specific to you, yet general enough to use for more than just the wedding. Think: bridal shower, engagement parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties, wedding ceremony and reception, and beyond into your marriage.

Now get out there and make the shortest, most unique, perfectly capitalized and timeless #hashtag you can think of!! (Or try your luck with these free wedding hashtag generators.)


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