3 Reasons to buy your wedding veil online instead of in-store

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Why should I buy from online boutiques like Petal & Veil?

To find on-trend (and customizable) styles at better prices than brick-and-mortar bridal salons.


As a bride, you should demand the best shopping experience throughout every part of your wedding planning and vendor search, including your dress and accessory purchases.

But high-end experiences plus quality goods and services don’t necessarily have to come with high price tags. Savvy brides are finding on-trend, heirloom quality wedding accessories from online boutiques, that know you have your budget in mind.

Here's three key advantages to shopping online: 


Designers that sell online have the advantage of identifying trends and designing collections much more quickly than large designers who sell through retailers. Plus, when you buy directly from the designer, there's an opportunity to play a role in customizing your accessory. Online boutiques often carry more color and style options than store fronts have available, so even if you find something you love in a bridal salon, it's worth checking out the designer's website to see entire collections before committing. 

Pro tip: We highly recommend trying on accessories in store as you shop for your perfect dress. This helps you determine what length, color, and style of veil or hair piece would best compliment whichever dress you choose. But if the price holds you back from buying in store, make note of the accessory details and try shopping online!


Buying from an online designer that specializes in the accessory you're shopping for means you'll be purchasing a labor-of-love directly from the creator. At Petal & Veil, we hand cut and sew each of our veils onto anti-tarnish rhodium plated combs and we hand make each of our hair pieces (launching on the website in August). We inspect each veil for quality before steaming, removing static, packaging, and shipping directly to your doorstep. We use gorgeous tulles and silks that are 100% made in America, and have relationships with manufacturers which means we have access to the latest colors and fabrics as they come onto the market and trend in the industry. 


Online shops can price high-quality goods much lower than brick-and-mortar salons for two reasons: Lower overhead cost because there aren't hundreds of stores across the country to pay for, and no middle-man markup. For instance, at Petal & Veil we have a single studio that doesn't operate as a store front, which controls utility, staffing, and lease costs. Because we sell our items directly to our customers, we don't have to mark up our goods the way retailers or resellers must in order to make a profit.

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"When you only do one thing, you can do that one thing, exceptionally well."

Ronna Rush | Petal & Veil, Wedding Veil Production Designer


 Pro-tip: There's a fine line between "what a deal!" and "too good to be true..." Some online vendors are predatory, taking advantage of budget-conscious brides by offering knock-off goods at deeply discounted prices. If you see that dress you've been stalking on a less-than-legit looking website, you should probably think twice. They'll even use the same product images as the ones on the designer's retail site... but beware; if the price doesn't look right... it probably isn't. 

Avoid being taken advantage of by shopping at online store-fronts that are reputable, have good reviews, and carry their own product lines (or direct you to authorized retailers). 


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