3 Reasons to wear a wedding veil

Time to read: 3 min

A white dress, a diamond ring, a handsome groom - what else comes to mind when you think of a bride? Close your eyes and visualize? Is the pretty vision in your head wearing a veil?

The bridal veil is probably the most quintessential wedding accessory of all time, with origins dating back to virginal princess brides. If that's not a convincing enough reason to wear one, here's three more to consider!


📷: Mikenzie Ryan, @mikenzieryan


Three reasons why you need to wear a wedding veil on your big day:

  1. They're an emotional accessory that create opportunity for special moments (and photographs) with your parents, bridal party, and your groom. Let your mom or special relative/friend place your veil and watch the water works begin. Listen to the gasps of your bridal party as they see you in your complete bridal ensemble. Experience an intimate moment with your groom as he lifts the veil back to see your face after you walk down the aisle. The veil is an experiential finishing touch.

  2. It's the most photogenic accessory you'll ever wear. The proof is in the pictures.

  3. Even modern Princess brides wear veils. Enough said.

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