5 Reasons to have a wedding hashtag

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The big day is here and you’re soaking in every second, snapping pics with your ladies in the bridal suite as your guests arrive for cocktail hour. But, while you’re off doing wedding party activities, your guests are taking pictures of their own experience at your wedding. These guest photos will be some of your favorite and you won’t want to miss a single one of them… or worse… have to hunt them down on everyone’s personal social feeds.

The solution? A wedding hashtag.


With all the elements that go into planning a wedding, a hashtag seems super low priority. But, here are 5 great reasons to have one and a link to websites that will make it for you

5 Reasons to have a unique wedding hashtag for your big day

  1. It'll be weeks before you get the gorgeous professional shots from your photographer; The photos your social-savvy guests tag are available immediately and will be the first pictures you have of yourself and the wedding

  2. When your guests use your tag on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it automatically groups the photos into a collection; A never-been-used-before hashtag means other people on social media won’t clutter your tag with their photos #strangerdanger

  3. Being able to see your guests’ experience of your big day is priceless; the hashtag makes it easy to find, like, share, tweet, and double tap to love

  4. A hashtag makes your wedding invitations, signs, and decor even more engaging

  5. If it's clever enough, you’ll use the tag way before - and way after - your wedding day (after all, it's "til death do us part" right?)



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