Pre-wedding day veil care, transport, and storage guide

Time to read: 3 min

Just like your dress and other accessories, you've invested a lot of money in your veil and it’s a key part of your bridal ensemble. How you handle this delicate item matters if you want to avoid wrinkles, snags, and discoloration before your big day. Read on to learn how to care for, store, and transport your veil.

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Pre-wedding: veil storage and care

It’s finally here! Your veil probably arrived folded or rolled in a small box and may have some serious wrinkles when you first take it out. Hang it in the closet for a few days to naturally loosen those folds. Remove stubborn wrinkles with a garment steamer or by hanging it in the bathroom during long, hot showers.


  • Don't use hot tools, irons, or direct heat of any kind on your veil. The fabric is delicate and can become discolored or damaged under high heat.

  • Avoid hanging your veil near a window where the sunlight will hit it - this can discolor the fabric.


Wedding day: veil transport and care

Traveling with your veil shouldn’t be stressful - but you can’t just throw it in a bag with your other accessories and hit the road. Transport your veil on a hanger and in a garment bag - or with some kind of plastic covering - to shield it from anything that could snag or tear it. You can also fold it up and tuck it away, just bring along a small garment steamer to knock out any wrinkles when you get where you’re going. Veil fabric is sheer so it usually takes less than a minute to straighten out with a steamer.

Hang it free of any wrapping once you arrive at your destination. Sometimes, hair and makeup will happen at a different location than the ceremony or reception; we recommend waiting to place your veil until it’s time for photographs or the ceremony to avoid catching, snagging, tearing, or staining. Have your stylist show a bridesmaid or your mother how to place the veil if they won't be onsite to help.


  • Veils are stunningly photogenic - but they can also be prone to damage during outdoor photos. Just remember - snag happens - so don't stress about it. Depending on the fabric, you can gently pull the snagged strand back into place. Just know, any small damage during wear will be worth it for the “ooos” and “ahhs” from your guests and the gorgeous photos you'll get (which we promise, you won’t be able to detect the tear in).


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