9 Post-wedding “to do’s” you don’t want to overlook

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The champagne bottles have been recycled, the wedding decorations are back in storage, and you’re all set to ride off into the sunset with BAE.  But first, a bonfire, because you’re ready to burn the spreadsheets and lists that dominated your wedding planning experience. Before you light up, there’s one last list to consider: The post-wedding “to do” list.

While it might not be as fun as dress shopping or cake tasting, checking these items off will free you from wedding planning responsibilities, for good.


6 Post-wedding MUST do’s

  1. Thank you cards: The thank you card is a requirement if you want to show appreciation to your guests for attending your wedding, in addition to any presents they may have gifted. For those lacking creative writing skills… here’s a handy list of thank you note templates to get you started.

  2. Vendor payments: Friendly reminder to make sure you’ve authorized your credit cards for any large sum charges and that you’re watching your checking accounts to ensure there are no surprises that conflict with any final vendor payment withdrawals.

  3. Courthouse visit or priority order of certified marriage certificate: Generous friends and family members who gift money find special joy in writing checks out to Mr. and Mrs. [your new last name]. This is really cute until you get to the bank and they won’t let you deposit the checks because (1) you two don’t have a joint account OR (2) you two don’t have a joint account with that last name OR (3) you don’t have any documentation listing his as your last name. However, bank tellers will usually acquiesce and deposit if you’ve got a certified marriage certificate on hand. You'll need these for other things too, so best to go ahead and get a few copies sooner than later. 

  4. Deposit wedding checks: Because. Money. Also, the people who wrote those checks are watching for that sum to be withdrawn and waiting too long can be inconvenient and kind of rude.

  5. Dry clean and preserve your wedding dress and veil: You invested a lot of time and money on your bridal ensemble. Clean and preserve your dress and veil so you can keep them forever and make your first born daughter wear them down the aisle... or not... Here's some tips on how to do it the right way. 

  6. Changing your last name: Okay, so this isn’t a MUST DO - but, if you’re considering a married name change we highly recommend using an online service because it can be a tedious process.

  • Hitchswitch: $29-$89 in service fees, with hitchswitch, you just pick a package, complete an online form, and sign/send. Done.
  • MissNowMrs.com: The interface is a little clunky and there’s a few extra steps but it gets the job done for $29.95.


3 Post-wedding optional "to do’s” that directly contribute to good karma

  1. Wedding vendor reviews: As you know, a vendor’s performance can have a huge impact on how flawlessly - or nightmarishly - your wedding day goes. These reviews play a huge role in helping future brides decide what vendors they want to work with. And hey, if you loved the vendor, your review will help grow their business and they’ll be very appreciative. Candor and specific detail are good to include, but keep it clean on the forums. You never know when you’ll use a vendor or venue again.

  2. Create wedding albums and photo calendars: These make great gifts for moms, grandmothers, and your great-aunt that couldn’t make it to the ceremony. Our favorite vendor, Artifact Uprising, creates stunning prints and has a super user-friendly interface for building albums, calendars, and more.

  3. Resell your wedding decor and accessories: You invested so much in your big day - why not try to recoup a few bucks by sharing your exquisite taste with another bride? Here’s a few websites that can help:

  • Letgo: Letgo has a free, easy to use phone app which makes listing items for local sale super simple.
  • Tradesy: An online marketplace for pre-owned designer clothing and goods with a 14-18% selling fee - but buying is free!
  • Wedding Recycle: An online marketplace to buy and sell gently used wedding items. Can include a 4% cart fee.
  • BravoBride: A huge marketplace to buy and sell used wedding decor (and clothing) online, for free. No fees, sales, or commissions, and items remain listed until sold.
  • Ruffled: Ruffled is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell recycled wedding decorations, favors, paper products, and fashion. The interface is a bit rough but it’s free to use the service.


What post-wedding “to-do’s” did we miss? Share in the comments for future readers!


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