Post-wedding day veil preservation and storage guide

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The last thing you’re thinking about right after your wedding day is shipping your dress and veil off to - who knows where - for professional cleaning and preservation… But, here’s why you shouldn’t delay too long if you want to keep them in like-new condition and avoid discoloration, weakening of fabric strength, and insect or environmental damage.


Post-wedding: veil preservation and storage

Start your dress and veil preservation as soon as possible, with a trip to the dry cleaners. Improperly stored, dress and veil fabric can discolor and weaken over time. Plus, untreated stains - not visible to the eye now - will be stark yellow a year later. There are a ton of expert cleaning and preservation businesses online that you can ship your garments to, or you might have local businesses nearby that are qualified.  Do an internet search for “wedding dress preservation” to find one that you trust. Most cleaning and preservation services cost $300-$400 depending on the garment fabrics and embellishment intricacy. Make sure your gown and veil end up in an “archival safe acid-free and lignin-free” box or 100% cotton bag and store them in a climate-controlled space like a closet or under the bed - no attics or garages.


  • For the DIYers and price-conscious: you can’t just store your veil and dress in any old box or bag. Regular paper, cardboard, and tissue are made from wood pulp which contains acid and lignin. Overtime, these things give off gases which can contribute to discoloration and fabric break down. Make sure everything you’re using to preserve your garments is 100% acid free.

  • Avoid storing in plastic containers, these trap moisture which can result in mold and mildew over time.


  • Hanging your professionally cleaned veil and gown in a 100% cotton bag avoids the most common preservation issues like permanent creasing, mold and mildew damage, and discoloration from acids and lignin.

  • If storing in a box, use acid-free tissue inside folds to soften creases. This helps avoid permanent damage from fibers weakening at the fold.


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