5 Wedding veil photography techniques you want captured


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Article and photography by: Mikenzie Ryan, France Photographers Austin

Over the last 6 years of photographing weddings, more than 75% of my brides have opted to wear a veil during their wedding. And let's be honest, we all know why. Veils add a special bridal touch to your wedding day outfit and are a delicate, feminine accessory that can even be personalized! We’ve had brides use their mother's veil, or even get a custom veil made that includes the lace from a grandmother's wedding gown. How sweet is that?! 

📷 : @mikenzieryan

📷 : @mikenzieryan

Needless to say, veils can have very special meaning to a bride but including them in your wedding day can be expensive. If you're investing financially in something, you want to make sure you feature that special item or heirloom in your professional photos! How do you do this? Make sure your photographer knows that those photos are important to you! Don’t be afraid to talk with your photographer and list a few specific photos you’d like taken.

Not sure what photos you’d like? Here's my 5 favorite ways to photograph a bride in a wedding veil!


Drop the veil

This is a classic and is the best excuse to get a wide shot of your venue or nearby scenery. We love snuggling up our couples and capturing the veil blowing in the wind. Not much wind on your big day? No problem! All you need is a maid of honor who can toss and run! Most of our photos involve a "drop and run" to set up the shot and show off that gorgeous veil!


Snuggle up

Veils can be the perfect item to help make an intimate portrait. Not only that, but it brightens your photos and keeps the center of attention all on you! Our couples love getting these photos, and we love getting creative with them!


Background noise

Bridal veils are amazing and can be large statement pieces, but that doesn’t mean all your photos need to be veil shots. There are great ways to incorporate your veils into other aspects of photos. I highly recommend finding a photographer that feels comfortable enough to take creative shots!



Veils can help make extraordinary "wedding detail" photos! I personally enjoy using them for a bright and delicate background. Not to mention you can tie in the lace edges and detail beading!



Don’t forget to get a few shots by yourself! We have so many clients say “My dress felt complete with the veil,” and that's because a wedding veil is the ultimate bridal accessory! Make sure to show it - and yourself - off with a few bridal portraits!


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