4 Hacks for writing a unique wedding hashtag

Time to read: 3 min

Whether you’re super active on social media or not, there are plenty of great reasons to have a custom wedding hashtag for your big day. But thinking up something that's perfectly personal, totally unused by any other couple, and that somehow pairs your 5 syllable last name with your fiance’s - could be considered an art.

As professional human hashtag generators, we have some experience in this area. We've delivered over 5,000 custom wedding hashtags to brides just like you - and now we're sharing our top four hacks for creating your own unique-to-you wedding hashtag that pops. 

Hack 1: Sounds like

Say your last name and your fiance's last name out loud. Does it sound like any other word? If so, you can then use a popular phrase with that word in it, and simply swap it out for one of your last names.

  • Last name: Murray > sounds like "marry" > #ThinkIWannaMurrayYou

  • Last name: Hannigan > sounds like "and again" > #IdDoItAgainHannigan

Hack 2: Substitution

When part of your last name sounds like another word, think of phrases that include that word, and try subbing your name in, even if it adds more syllables or sounds. Don't knock it Tillman you try it...

  • Last name: Tillman > word to focus on: till > #TillmanDeathDoUsPart

  • Last name: Gulland > word to focus on: land > #AGulLandOfAdventure

Hack 3: Alliteration

Probably the simplest way to create a hashtag with your last names is to use alliteration. These usually result in short, easy to understand hashtags that aren't "trying too hard."

  • Last name: Amos > alliterated term: aisle > #AmosDownTheAisle

  • Last name: Perry > alliterated term: party > #LastPartyAsPerry

Hack 4: Rhyme

Sometimes all it takes is a short little rhyme to arrive at the perfect wedding hashtag. Say your last name out loud, think of word that it rhymes with, and then try to identify any popular phrases that use the rhyming word. Tack your name to the beginning or end of that phrase and see what you've got. 

  • Last name: Marquis > rhymes with knee > #MarquisOnOneKnee
  • Last name: Staley > rhymes with thee > #ITakeTheeStaley


Here's a few final pro-tips to consider:

  1. Don't overthink it. 
  2. Write things down. As you say your name out loud, or find words that rhyme, write them down instead of trying to jump from phrase - to sound - to name - in your head. 
  3. It's really tough to get both last names in the hashtag - but not impossible. If you can't make it work - just remember, the tag with only one name will likely be much shorter and easier for guests to use.

Are you ready to create your own? Be sure to avoid these hashtag mistakes once you get started. Plus - here's a list of where to put your perfect hashtag so your guests will actually use it!


Comment below to share your brilliant hashtag or one of the best custom hashtags you've seen or used at other weddings!