How to guarantee your wedding veil and dress colors match

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The best way to guarantee your wedding veil color matches your dress is to try them both on at the same time... But, if you’ve been dress shopping then you know, purchasing your veil at the same time as your dress can be expensive and limits your style options. What if they don't carry a veil that you love? Online designers offer more style, quality, and price options than boutique salons or retail bridal shops. 

But, how can you tell if your veil will match your dress if you’re ordering it from a designer website or Etsy store? It's simple: order fabric samples from the seller.

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5 great reasons to order fabric samples:

  1. Buying samples is very low cost, usually $3-10 and they ship relatively quickly.

  2. Some designers (like us) include a discount or credit on their fabric sample cards that can be used toward the purchase of your veil.

  3. It gives you the chance to touch and see the fabric quality and color, so you know you’re getting exactly what you expect.

  4. Many online salons have a “no returns or exchanges” policy - don’t end up with a color you can’t wear or return.

  5. Different salons have different designers, which can have unique color names and shades that vary across the industry. One designer's “Ivory” might not be the same as another’s. So, even if you know you need a particular shade (based on advice from your dress stylist) it’s still a good idea to get a sample.


  1. Exact color matching is difficult and unnecessary. Your veil can be shearer and a shade lighter than your dress - you have more options than you think.

  2. Don’t try to color match from pictures online. Pictures of fabric samples depict much deeper colors than the actual veil will be. The fabric is folded, creating a saturated color sample which will be much more sheer and true when unfolded.

  3. Many online designers custom make their veils upon order, which can take 3-4 weeks (plus shipping). Plan your fabric sample purchase in accordance with your dress availability and leave ample time for your veil order.

  4. Most veils you try on at dress salons still have to be ordered online. Keep that in mind when planning your veil purchase timeline.

  5. If you’re considering buying a veil from a designer that doesn’t offer fabric samples… beware. And double check their return policy...

Veil color families:


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