Do I really have to match my wedding dress and veil colors exactly?

Time to read: 2 min


Wondering if "exact" color matching your wedding dress with your veil is really that important? The short answer: it's totally up to you.

Today's dresses are so dynamic, often including layers of complementary ivory, white, and nude hues; this means that most could fall into more than one color family. Between flowing fabrics, bodily movement, natural outdoor light, and low indoor lighting, a subtle color contrast between the veil and dress will likely go unnoticed. Our advice: don't overthink it.

If you do want to find a close match, a good first step is determining the color family of your dress and pairing it with a veil in the same family. Keep in mind - designers can have different definitions of the same color - one designer's "Soft White" may not be the same as another's. So how can you tell what pairs with what? Simple. Once you have your dress, order fabric samples from your veil designer. Next, compare the samples with your dress, pick your favorite, and order your veil in that color, online. Now - go have a cocktail to celebrate one more checked box on your wedding planning to-do list!

While you sip, read our fabric sample color matching tips so you're ready to match when your samples arrive!


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