Choosing between a plugged-in or unplugged wedding

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Everybody is on their phone sharing and connecting nowadays. Some find it distracting, but it's how others keep a digital scrapbook of their memories. Weddings are no exception. Your guests love to take photos of you to document the occasion, but has it become a distraction? Couples are now opting to have their guests unplug for the big day.

Are you thinking of having an unplugged wedding? Here's a short list of pro's and con's to help you consider the differences and make the call that's right for you. 

📷Mikenzie Ryan, France Photographers

📷Mikenzie Ryan, France Photographers


What is a plugged in wedding?

A plugged-in wedding is when your guests have access to their phones all night long.


  1. Professional wedding photos take weeks, even months to be ready. Photos from Instagram and Facebook will be the first time a bride sees herself in her dress.
  2. Relive the best moments of your wedding over Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat as you ride home or jet-set off to your honeymoon. The perfect way to begin life as a married couple.
  3. A wedding hashtag allows you to see your guests' pictures in one location. Bonus points if your hashtag is completely original and have a gallery all to yourself!
  4. Your guests will love the fun of a photo booth or even a video booth. They provide your guests (and you) with goofy memories they'll cherish forever.


  1. Phones in your wedding pictures. Let me set the scene. Your're about to have your first kiss as a married couple when all of a sudden Aunt Mary is holding her iPhone out into the aisle and your Uncle Joe is clicking away with his DSLR camera set to automatic mode. No beuno. Not to mention, these culprits and their phones will end up in your professional photos of that special moment.


What is an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is when your guests turn off their phones, cameras, and other electronics to focus on you and the celebration you've spent all year planning. 


  1. Your professional wedding photos won't be littered with iPhones. *See scene described above*
  2. More awkward dancing to look forward too. Remember your Uncle Joe with the DSLR? Well because he had to leave his camera at home, he is now breaking it down to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing."
  3. There is less distraction from social media and more focus on spending time with friends and family and being present in the moment.


  1. There is more focus on you instead of the phones. Let's face it, weddings make it difficult for couples to have a break to eat anyway. What's the harm in a little distraction?
  2. No photos on social media can make it difficult to relive the memories within the first weeks following your wedding or to experience the candid moments your guests are experiencing while you're away doing photos and wedding party activities.
  3. You won't get to enjoy the fun of using a witty wedding hashtag. #OneForTheBrooks and #TillDeathDoUsParker will have to wait until the first anniversary party.
  4. No matter how many signs you may use, your guests still might be tempted to pick up their phones.


Breaking it down on the dance floor  Petal & Veil.jpg
Plugged In Wedding | Petal & Veil.jpg


If you still can't decide, how about a compromise? Try an unplugged ceremony, and totally tech reception! The perfect compromise that gives you fun hashtags, photo booths, and a night to remember!


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