An interview with our very own human hashtag generator


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Did you always want to be a hashtag writer when you grew up?

Cat Ryan is our content marketer and original human hashtag generator. She delivers an average of 2,000 creative last-name wedding hashtags to more than 700 brides, grooms, or wedding party members, per month. We picked her brain and are sharing her insights about what goes into writing the perfect custom wedding hashtag, where she gets her creative inspiration, and who came up with the hashtag for her big day. 

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Did you always want to be a hashtag writer when you grew up? 

Ummm. Not at all. I had no idea i'd be writing wedding hashtags when I joined Petal & Veil... I was terrible when I first started writing them, and some brides would argue, i'm still terrible at it... but I've created a system that helps me come up with creative options for pretty much any last name. But let's be honest - some last names are tougher than others... 

What's the hardest last name you've written a hashtag for? 

The longer the last name, the harder it is to come up with a hashtag for. That - or when the couple is each keeping their last name and they want a tag with both names in it. If the names are long then it takes up too many syllables or becomes hard to pick which sound within the last name(s) to focus on and create a tag around so I tend to default to alliteration in those cases. But I still try my best to be punny or clever!! The hardest last name for me to write hashtags for is actually my own last name: Ryan. It's pretty common too, I've had 4 submissions for it in the past month alone... 

What goes into writing the perfect wedding hashtag? 

The more information I have, the easier it is to come up with a tag that the couples will like. Working with #basic and #extra submissions means I have a lot more details to inform relevant, unique hashtags... but if i'm just going off two last names, I primarily focus on the last name that they're both taking.

Do you have any advice for making the perfect, but overused, wedding hashtag unique to a couple?

If couples purchase the #extra hashtag package, then we deliver totally unused hashtags - so it's a non-issue. But for the free hashtags, couples could add their wedding year or city at the end to make a version of a hashtag that already has hundreds of posts, unique to them. 

What's your creative process for coming up with so many last-name hashtags?

I actually wrote a blog post about that! You can read my 4 hacks for writing creative wedding hashtags here. But a short answer would be: 

  1. Don't over think it 
  2. Shorter is better
  3. Think of popular phrases that have words that sound like the last name(s) and swap them out
  4. Rhyming and alliteration are good options too

Did you write the wedding hashtag you used on your big day? 

My little sister actually came up with my wedding hashtag! My maiden name is Rush and my new last name is Ryan - so we ended up using #RushToRyan. It was simple and easy to remember. We weren't in a hurry or anything as the phrase would imply... I just liked it because it was short and had both of our last names in it. 


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