An interview with human hashtag generator, Alli

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It turns out coffee is an important part of the hashtag writing creative process.

Alli Hammersla is Petal & Veil's super-clever digital marketing intern. Powered by Starbucks wifi and skinny vanilla lattes, Alli delivers over 250 last-name wedding hashtags every week to brides and grooms all over the world.


Did you always want to be a hashtag writer when you grew up? 

I knew I always wanted to work in the wedding industry, but did I ever think I was going to be writing hashtags? Absolutely not! I do love a good pun though, so combining my creativity with couples' names comes surprisingly naturally. At first, I was so slow writing them, but with a little practice, some hashtag writing hacks, and a lot of coffee, coming up with wedding hashtags has become almost second nature!

What's the hardest last name you've written a hashtag for? 

Anything that starts with the letter J! I love you Johnson and Jones couples, but there are very few punny phrases that begin with the letter "J". I do my best, but pop-culture has only given us so much content to work with. I'm always grateful when couples get the #extra or #basic packages because we get just a little bit more information which makes it easier to write more hashtag options that fit the couple.

What goes into writing the perfect wedding hashtag? 

First, I always think about what the name sounds like. For example, "Smith" sounds like "with", so #SmithThisRing comes naturally. If the name doesn't sound quite like another word, I try and using rhyming or alliteration. When in doubt...alliteration is your best friend. Plus it keeps the hashtag simple and easy for guests to remember

Do you have any advice for making the perfect, but overused, wedding hashtag unique to a couple?

Think about what is unique about you as a couple. A friend of mine is getting married and when it came to choosing her hashtag she thought long and hard about puns and word play. Both her and her fiancé are in law enforcement and she was about to take the last name Sammons. They chose the hashtag #TheRightToRemainSammons like "you have the right to remain silent". It was so unique to them, they now have a gallery all to themselves on Instagram. Using personal details and special context helps make hashtags even more unique to the couple.

What's your creative process for coming up with so many last-name hashtags?

First, coffee is key! I fuel my brain with lattes, cold brews, cappuccinos - whatever it takes. Next, I try to think big! Words don't have to sound extremely identical for a hashtag to be clever. I just take simple phrases with a similar number of syllables and that start with the same letters or share a common sound and see what works best. For the extra challenging names names, I'll take a mental break and revisit a few hours later. Sometimes the perfect punny phrase will come to me when i'm no longer staring at the name.


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Alli Hammersla